Can’t do much at the moment

Two weeks ago I hurt my back again while at work!  Initially it was only the muscles that hurt, but then I also caught a cold and when I laid in bed and sneezed, it was as though someone had stuck a knife in my spine.

I’m really hoping that it is not a slip-disc again, but the symptoms are the same, although I have less pain now and am able to move easier.

Unfortunately however, I now have a diarrhea and sickness bug which I caught from Kelly.

All this means that I can’t do anything at the moment and so have nothing interesting to write about I’m afraid.


Parachute garage

I needed to build a shleter for my car over winter.  I cut some Pine saplings and tied for of them together.

parachute garage

Then I tied four more saplings horizontally to the four uprights to form a frame.

parachute garage-4 (Large)

I then draped a parachute over the hole frame-work as a cover.

parachute garage-1 (Large)

To drive the car in, I lift up the front edge of the parachute and pull it back down once the car is inside.

parachute garage-2 (Large)

As long as I clean the snow off daily it should last the winter.

Unwelcomed visitors

Last Thursday (30th October) I drove to the cabin to drop off the trailer.  When I got out of my car I noticed part of the door frame laying on the  veranda floor.

broken door-1

On closer inspection I saw that my cabin had been broken in to!!

They had gone through all the draws


and containers


They found the keys to all the doors, but destroyed all the doors and locks anyway.

broken door-4

There were 5 other cabins that were also broken in to, including Teres’ parent cabin where they also broke 2 windows.

They took a variety of tools and cans of petrol and diesel + my neighbours grandson’s snowmobile!

We spent the weekend at the cabin, but instead of a relaxing, fun weekend; I spent the weekend cleaning and repairing doors.

door repaired door repaired-2

On Saturday it snowed heavily, but we got out ok with the cars on Sunday.

snowfall lapland