3rd day in Muddus

After breakfast, the bags and reindeer were packed.

muddus cabin-2 (Small)

The reindeer bags have to be packed so that both weigh the same.  We have a small set of weighing scales to ensure they are the right weight.

packing reindeer bags (Small)

The last day was a 14km walk to where the minibus would collect us.  I was very disappointed with the nature in Muddus on this occasion.  We saw no sign of bears, no Moose and only 1 Golden Eagle, 1 Sea Eagle and 1 Capercaillie.

I hope we see more next year!!

2nd day in Muddus

The first job of the morning is to take the reindeer to a nearby stream or lake to drink.

reindeer drinking (Medium)

They take the opportunity to eat a little also.

reindeer in front of lake (Small)

After breakfast we packed all the food and equipment and were on our way, to cover a distance of 11kms to the next cabin.

me with reindeer (Small)

The next cabin was at the beautiful Muddus Waterfall

muddus waterfall (Medium)

We all cooked a meal together and spent a relaxing evening around a fire.

1st day in Muddus

We had to cover a distance of 11kms during our first days trek.  A reindeer can carry 25 kilo’s of equipment,

packing reindeer (Small)

but ours were only carrying 14 kilo’s (including their own food which was dried pellets).

walking with reindeer (Small)

We arrived at our destination at 4pm

muddus cabin (Small)

I set up my hammock and planned to sleep out, but there were so many biting insects later in the evening that I retreated to the cabin!

reindeer from hammock (Medium)

I also climbed up the 18 metre high observation tower, but saw nothing.

muddus bird tower (Medium)

The view was great though!

view from bird tower (Medium)

Solberget; Food and fire

The last day for our guests  was a day of  “food and fire”.

We began with my demonstration of different methods to make fire, and the different types of materials one can use to achieve fire.  I was really pleased because everyone achieved fire with the bow-drill.

solberget firemaking (Small)

After fire-making, we created a large fire and placed stones into the fire to heat them.  We dug a pit in the ground  and then when the stones were hot, we transferred them

cooking stones (Small)

into the fire pit.

stones in fire pit (Small)

We prepared food to put into the fire pit.

preparing food for fire pit-1 (Medium)

which included Salmon which we wrapped in wet birch bark.

salmon in birch bark (Small)

The packets of food were then placed in the pit with more hot stones.

food in fire pit (Medium)

and left to cook for a couple of hours.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures once the meal was cooked!!

The same day we had a number of House Martins leaving their nests and I managed to get one nice picture.

young house martin (Large)

Leather crafts

I’ve guided a couple more groups this week while working at Solberget.

guided walk lapland (Small)

We visited Arctic Circle and ate lunch.

arctic circle solberget (Small)

Last time I wrote about a leather craft workshop we had had, and I just had to put up some pictures of items people ranging from 7 – 70 years old have made.

leathercrafts-1 (Small) leathercrafts-6 (Small) leathercrafts-5 (Small) leathercrafts-4 (Small) leathercrafts-3 (Small) leathercrafts-2 (Small)

I was really impressed!

Back working at Solberget again

During the time I was unable to work, I changed my job.  I now work part-time in a General Store here in Nattavaara and part-time in Solberget Wilderness Village as a tourist guide.

Working in the General Store and looking after Kelly means that I do not have much spare time to make and do things, and so it is getting increasingly difficult to find things to blog about and so I am now considering the future of this blog.

Fortunately this week I am working as a tourist guide, so will have some things to write about.

Yesterday we took 25 guests out on a days wandering with four of our Reindeer, up to the top of Solberget (Sun Hill).  I talked about the wildlife and history of the area and talked about medicinal uses of some of the plants that we found.

walking on solberget (Medium)

Once we reached the top, we made fire and cooked sausages over the fire, before making our way back down again.

lunch on solberget lapland (Small)

Today we ran a leather handicraft workshop, where our guests were able to make a hole range of items from Reindeer leather, including pouches, armbands, knife sheaths and necklaces.

leather handcrafts workshop solbeget lapland (Medium)