Fish/Crayfish trap

Using the skills I learned on the basket making course last week, I have now started making a fish/crayfish trap.

Finally completed the trap today (Thursday 8th) and just need to test it now.

The cone was the most difficult part to construct.


4 thoughts on “Fish/Crayfish trap

  1. Where did you take the basket making course? That sounds really interesting – I would like to learn how to make one from Cattail rushes etc…

  2. In in my nation- Indonesia, in Java (the most populous and advanced island)- we use exactly this type of cone basket (but made out of green bamboo or rattan) for catching prawn (shrimp), crab and such crustacean.

    Also we use such a basket as Rat trap- ours are the size of small cats!
    So for rat trap:
    We insert long thin bamboo skewer into the “funnel” (entrance- (smallest hole) alongside the frame part.
    This thin bamboo or flexible but strong material has the inside end 45+ degree angle- for a sharp point.
    The sharp point MUST directed inwards.

    So- function: the rat- smell some bait inside (we use something stinky like old fish or eel) – then he can push his way in no problem- BUT the flexible spikes- mean he cannot get out without hurting himself- is very unpleasant.
    So now he is stuck in the trap.
    Usually the end of the basket is a lid, yes- but only open from outside?
    So if good animal like a curious cat or lizard or ferret or civet cat or something- you can let him escape him to the forest again- maybe a very long time for him makes again the same mistake- but careful, ya?- he may you bite as he is frustrated!

    But if horrible rat- you can just throw the rat in basket into the river or lake- and he drown and now be your bait!
    Please not to forget- must add some stones so it can sink and a rope- TIED to a tree on shore- so you do not loose your basket!
    Crab can be very strong!
    And usually the, the shrimp or lobster like the stinkiest meat- as he is scavenger- not hunter- and if stinky- he can smell it.

    • Thank you Pak for providing so much information in your reply. I hope you will write here again soon.



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