Birch Bur Kuksa

I’ve been wanting to try carving a kuksa from a Birch bur and finally got the chance to do it. The Birch bur is an abnormal growth on the trunk of the tree

Which yields a beautiful grain pattern when carved. Here is the kuksa I have carved which requires some sanding and then oiling to bring out the grain pattern.

Once completed and oiled, I will add another picture below.

For Louie, 90% of the work was done with this gouge chisel which is currently a favourite tool to work with, second only to my knife.


9 thoughts on “Birch Bur Kuksa

  1. That’s a really nice looking Kuksa.

    I am hoping that on my next trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada, that I will find a good sized birch-burl and make a kuksa out of it… I like your design very much, especially the thumb-rest.

  2. Thats amazing. I’ve been trying to carve a simple ladle out of cherry off and on for several weeks. It seems with the swirled grain your Kuksa would be hard to carve. What tools/knives did you use?

  3. What # sweep is this gouge and where did you get it. I am trying to find a single gouge that I can afford which will allow me to carve kuksas and bowls. I generally buy through Between this and your spoon gouge I have seen in later posts, which do you like better?

  4. Hi Jeremy, I have bought a couple of gouges. Both are from a second hand tool shop. You really need to test a couple to find the best sweep for you. I borrowed from others to decide which suited me.

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