Although it was a frosty start to the day again today, the sun soon warmed things up, so this afternoon I went to look for the first Adders of the year emerging from their hibernaculums on one of our sites.

Two areas of the reserve are particularly good for them and one was present at each site. There are two distinct colour variations between the two locations.

Here is the first sighting of the day…

and here is the second…

Due to the cooler temperature this afternoon, the snakes were slightly lethargic and so I could get to within 8 inches of them. Both pictures are taken with my Panasonic Lumix set on wide angle.

And in case you have never seen an Adder uncurled here is one…

To find out more about the Adder in the UK look here;


4 thoughts on “Adders

  1. Hi Fenlander. . .Treewright here I tracked your blog down through cyberspace! I’ve got one too although my photos aren’t as interesting as yours. Thanks for putting a link on your website.

  2. Hi Robin, If you take a look at my links you will see you are linked here too!

    Nice bodgers bord BTW, was looking last night.



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