Pigeon food

If you are walking through a woodland at the moment and pass an Ivy (Hedera helix – helix meaning to twist or spiral) covered tree, it is likely you will hear a clatter of wings as Wood Pigeons erupt from the leafy cover. They are feeding on the berries of the Ivy, one of the few natural fruits ripening at this time of year, particularly useful when berries from other sources such as Hawthorn have been exhausted over the winter period.

The green berries are numerous this year and grow in small clusters.

The waxy leaves of Ivy are particularly good to use in your bow-drill bearing block to reduce friction.


One thought on “Pigeon food

  1. Also, Ivy is the last flower of the year that bees can get nectar from. It sets very hard and we leave it for their winter foodstore.
    So we’ve never tasted Ivy honey!

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