Making a coracle part 2.

Now that the frame is completed the coracle frame can be removed from the ground and turned the right way up.

Here Olivia is demonstrating how to break down the fibres in a willow wand by twisting it and moving along its full length.

Four of these wands are used (one either side of the seat) to tie together the the three rows of twisted willows and so secure the seat inplace.

The frame can now be covered with cloth (we used Jute) and sewn around the rim to keep the cloth taught and secure using a blanket stitch.

We pre-heated a tin of Bitumen and then applied two coats to the cloth (allowing each coat to dry) to waterproof it.

Once completely dry the coracle is completed. Then all you need is a paddle.

I am now awaiting pictures of me and the coracle in action on water and will add them here once I receive them.


4 thoughts on “Making a coracle part 2.

  1. It’s good to hear from you Torjus. I was getting worried as we hadn’t spoken for so long!

  2. Hi Pablo, unfortunately the pictures have still not been sent to me so you may have to wait quite a long time I’m afraid!!

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