Spring in Lapland – 21st May

Snowing again this morning, but by mid-afternoon it was sunny and up to 8 degrees, but by 8pm it was down to 2 degrees.

I spent the day around the cabin, cutting up fallen trees

and carrying them back to the cabin. I was having real problems holding things in my right hand, having hit my elbow on a rock the day before. 1 Lapland Bunting flew over calling, 3 Common Cranes flew NE, 1 Golden Plover flew over calling and there were a pair of Waxwings around the cabin for most of the day.

I must apologies for the quality of some of the wildlife picture, but I only carry a compact digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) and as with any compact, you have to be very close to get good pictures.

I selected some pieces of Birch and split for carving spoons and other items.

and here are some of the items I carved over the next few days.

At about 21:30 I sat outside the cabin and could here a strange distant noise coming from towards the marsh, so I headed over there to investigate. The sound reminded me of the bubbling sound of “lekking” Black Grouse and indeed that was what it turned out to be, they were in the forest beyond the marsh. There were many Ruff also displaying on the marsh, but other waders were rather more quite than on previous visits.

I was also quite surprised to find quite a few mosquitoes had emerged and were determined that i would be there first meal!!


4 thoughts on “Spring in Lapland – 21st May

  1. Nice carving! How do you maintain even depth when carving the bowl section of the spoon/ladle?


  2. Partly by feel and also by holding the spoon to the sun and looking through the wood. Thicker areas appear much darker.

  3. Very nice ! I’m hoping to try one of your cups – a kuksa or kasa ? The only problem is I don’t have any birch – not too popular here in Australia ! A friend gave me some Sycamore – one of the maple’s relatives. It should come up fine. I made a few wooden spoons – one is hanging on my Mom’s wall. Regards, thanks for sharing.

    • Charlie, Sycamore is good but make sure the wood you use is green and not seasoned. I have used Eucalyptus before for decorative cups but I am not sure whether it would give an unpleasant taste if used.

      kåsa is a Swedish word and refers to the tree bur from which they are traditionally carved. Kuksa is the equivalent word in Finnish. Thus may help you if you have not seen it already.


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