I’m not using Cherry again!!!!!

You may recall in the past that I have made several items from Cherry wood. Unfortunately there is always a significant risk with Cherry and it’s not one I’m willing to take any more.

I roughed out four of these Cherry cups over the weekend (about 2 hours work for each)

and all four have split!

In my experience far more items made from Cherry split than do not and although you get beautiful patterning in the wood, it’s just not worth the risk for all the work.


3 thoughts on “I’m not using Cherry again!!!!!

  1. Yes working with cherry can be disheartening. (I have learnt by bad experience too)

    Make sure there absolutely no splits or shakes in the wood before you start to work it, keep it damp and put in a plastic bag and dry slowly. It is a beautiful wood tho’.

  2. It’s not just me that’s having problems then Robin!

    Pablo – I have to say that I find Birch the most reliable but of course the end result is not so beautiful pattern wise. BTW Thanks for the invite.

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