Autumn in Lapland 16th September 2008

I have just returned from my cabin in Swedish Lapland. I left home early on the morning of the 15th September and arrived at Gallivare station at 9am on 16th September. Unlike my last trip, I had two companions for the first week Liam and Phoebe.

When we arrived at Gallivare station my friend Anki was there to meet us and took us to her home for breakfast, where Ingvar her husband was waiting to greet us. After purchasing some supplies we then all drove to the cabin (Anki and Ingvar have a cabin near to mine).

The cabin chimney was blocked, but with Ingvars help we were able to clear it after a couple of hours and get a fire going in the stove.

Ingvar and Anki then left us and we unpacked and settled in. The first birds of the trip around the cabin were; small parties of Crossbills flying around, Bramblings, a pair of Great Tits, a Willow Tit, a Siberian Jay family group, Meadow Pipits, Great-spotted Woodpecker and a Chiff Chaff.

The temperature had been -5 degrees when we arrived at the station and there had been frosts most nights for a couple of weeks and although as we walked in the forest there were many fungi, the majority were past their best.

After a walk we got a fire going in the living room

Cooked some food and settled in for the evening.

It was such a nice evening with the full moon over the lake.


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