Autumn in Lapland 19th September 2008

Cloudy with sunny periods, but only 4 degrees.

There were about 60 Waxwings feeding in a Rowan tree just outside the cabin this morning.

We walked up the hill behind the cabin today

and found a couple of lots of bear shit.

You can clearly see that it has been feeding on berries!

After stopping for a brew and some lunch we returned to the cabin and Phoebe and Liam sorted the berries we had collected.

I cooked the Lingon (Cowberries) with apples and sugar

to make jam and syrup

I also baked an oat cake

In the evening we went to Ingvar and Anki’s cabin where they had prepared Reindeer stew and then Cloudberries on waffles with double cream!

Birds for the day included; 3 Northern Bullfinch, 1 Jay, Hazel Grouse and 2 Capercallie


3 thoughts on “Autumn in Lapland 19th September 2008

  1. The photo of the waxwings in the rowan is great.
    We saw some in Waltham Abbey a few years ago.

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