I always carry at least three different ways of making fire and probably the most reliable is the good old match. One of the issues here in the UK is that the majority of matches available to purchase are safety matches which means they can only be struck using their box. I always carry “strike anywhere” matches as at least if the box gets wet you can still strike them on any rough surface (such as a metal zip). One make of “strike anywhere” matches available here is the good old Swan Vesta.

The way to strike a match is to support the head and stem of the match, with the head pointed down.

Place the head of the match at the top of the striker with the head pointed down

When the match ignites move it into your cupped hands to protect the flame from the elements and to allow the flame to establish.

Of course striking the match relies upon the match being kept dry and there are several ways of achieving this, but we will cover this soon.


4 thoughts on “Matches-1

  1. I carried a brass match-safe for years but the quality of the strike anywhere matches has gotten so bad here in the States they may as well be safety matches. I use to be able to light them by flicking the head with my thumb nail, but now I can rarely get them to light on anything other than the box. On the matches there higher quality?

  2. Interesting points about the matches. What are the other two portable methods of starting a fire?

    Lighter/battery w/wire wool?

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