Basket making at The House of Lords

I spent last Sunday at The House of Lords….that’s John and Val Lords of course!.  In return for their daughter Steff having taught me how to make felt, I agreed to teach them how to make simple baskets like these.


Fortunately Steff has Osier Willow growing in her garden so she cut some and brought them with her.


There had been a frost the previous night and it was still close to freezing when we started making the baskets.  Unfortunately, I suspect due to the frost, the the willow wands kept snapping when we tried to work with it and after some considerable time with only basic frames made, we decided to give up and await warmer weather.

I did smoke some salmon for lunch



which proved to be rather more successful, like this one that I smoked last Christmas



4 thoughts on “Basket making at The House of Lords

  1. Hi there Fenlander. I looked into biscuit tin smoking — but found that the bottom of these tins has a white plastic label which gives off toxic fumes when heated.

    Did you put some wood shavings into the base of the tin?

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