Felt shoes

After two attempts at felt making (the second being far more successful)



I decided to experiment with making felt shoes/boot liners made from merino wool purchased from


I began by drawing around my carpet slipper as a pattern


and then added 20mm all the way around to allow for the depth of my foot + some shrinkage.  I then cut out the pattern and wrapped it in cling film to waterproof it.


I followed the method described in the second link above covering each side of the pattern with thin layers of wool, laid alternately to each side, and each layer of wool 90 degrees to the previous.


covering each layer with soap and warm water and wrapping around overhanging wool to  form the sides of the shoe


To prevent the wool sticking to my hands when adding soap and water and manipulating the layers, I used a plastic bag


When the pattern was evenly covered I cut through the wool on one side as the opening for my foot and then removed the pattern from within.


After “hardening” the wool  I rinsed out the soap, placed the shoe in boiling water and then put it on my foot and worked it to shrink and shape it to my foot.



I have tested these shoes this weekend, both as boot liners and house shoes.  They are only 2mm thick yet incredibly warm, both when dry and wet.  I plan to make varying thickness’s that can be warn as a modular system and will certainly be using them during my next trip to Lapland.



4 thoughts on “Felt shoes

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  2. In Holland we have Slovs. The Russion felt boots. They are trying to make it a fashion item. I like the idea of felt boots. But not yet prepared to pay the Dutch prices. Maybe I’ll try a Russion Website. Still it’s a nice idea:


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