Looking for Razor Clams

I had a trip to the coast recently in the hope of collecting some Razor Clams to cook over an open fire.  It was a sunny morning with a cold Easterly wind


and the tide was out


In the pools and creeks there was lots of evidence that this could be a good location for Razor Clams with many empty shells


I was looking for key shaped holes or small craters in the sand, then I put salt down which will irritate the clam and for a brief time it rises out of the sand to clear the salt…..at least that’s the theory.


Once the salt is down you must wait, ready to grab it as it emerges


This is the first time I have tried this and clearly do not have the right technique as after two hours, no clams had appeared.

There were many of these strange structures protruding from the sand but I have no idea what they are.  Can anyone tell me please?


I also found one “Mermaid’s Perse” which is the empty egg case of a either a dogfish or skate



5 thoughts on “Looking for Razor Clams

  1. Hi Kevin, the new site looks fantastic… good job bud.

    I have only caught razors once, on the south devon coast and at the lowest of low tides on a sandy beach. Think that’s the key – extra low tide and you have to be right down by the water.

    They taste fantastic, I hope you have better luck next time.

    Take care, and happy new year!

    Jane xx

  2. Hi Kevin,

    A wonderful site.

    I may sometimes be able to help with identification as Natural History is my thing. The protruding structure from the mud is the tunnel of a tube worm and your mermaid’s purse comes from a Thornback Ray.

    Your two-coloured cloud looks like a rare Mother-of-Pearl cloud, aka Nacreous Cloud. Usually only seen at very high Latitudes (which you were) they are the very highest clouds at 15-25km altitude.

    Have a look at this site; http://www.atoptics.co.uk/highsky/nacr1.htm

  3. hi jane, which south devon beach did you find razors? I live there now and been looking but had no luck

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