Coppice bough bed

While out in some woods the other day I found an area where the  owner had recently been coppicing (coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management involving cutting trees and bushes down close to ground level.  Multiple stems will then shoot from the stump and these in turn are harvested every 3 – 40 years, depending on the species and product required.   Here are a couple of links for more information 1, 2).   This method of management is very beneficial to associated fauna and flora.

The materials laying around gave me the opportunity to experiment with a bed design I had in mind.  Using my axe I cut an Ash log in half and arranged the two pieces into a “V” shape.


I then cut some stakes to drive into the ground to secure them in place.


I started to cut a series of “V” notches along the length of both pieces of Ash, into which I placed pieces of springy saplings.


Now I collected the springy tops from Birch and Hazel and arranged on top as a matress


I will make the next one slightly longer, but I must say it was very comfortable!



4 thoughts on “Coppice bough bed

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  2. Did you also sleep on the bed. Or was it only a lie down to test it out. A night on the bed would be the ultimate test of comfort. I slept on a bed with (I think) spruce branches. in Scotland. Slept alright without a sleeping bag.

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