Breakfast in the woods

I had breakfast in the woods the other morning.  I got a fire going to provide a good bed of embers


and then needed a fork to toast my crumpets.  I could not find a suitable forked stick, so decided to make one.  I split the end of a piece of Sycamore with my knife and carved both halves of the split into points.  Then I made a small wooden wedge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is what it looks like when finished (you could tie cordage around the base of the split to prevent it running further down but I did not find it necessary).


I toasted the crumpets over the embers


and finally spread cheese on them.



One thought on “Breakfast in the woods

  1. Bread toasted over a fire is so-o-o-o far superior than the ‘traditional way”. Heh. And with just the right amount of butter there, too. Lots!

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