Very good customer service….

The other day while walking around a discount department store I came across a “Midi Multi Active” bag made by Highlander, hanging on the end of a clothes rail.  When I looked at the price it was reduced from £15 to £4.88 so I decided to purchase it for use as a day bag (especially when in Sweden).


Once home I investigated my new purchase and clipped the shoulder strap into position.  Unfortunately as I did so, part of one of the clips broke off.


I knew I could not take it back and change it because I had bought the only one in store, so as Highlander give a lifetime guarantee with their products I decided to email them, explaining the situation and I attached the two pictures above .  Within an hour I received a reply from Barry at Highlander saying they would send a spare clip in the post to me.  These days unfortunately it is rare to find decent customer service, but clearly this is not an issue when dealing with Highlander!

The following day a parcel arrived and not only did they send me a new clip, but in fact a completely new strap!

I cannot thank the staff at Highlander enough and thoroughly recommend them as a company.

The bag itself is also very good.  With its 6 litre capacity it holds all my kit shown here daily kit plus a blanket as well.

It can be carried as a shoulder bag


or around the waist


We shall see how it performs during my next visit to Lapland.



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