Winter kit Part 1

Just in the process of preparing for my next trip to Swedish Lapland and thought it might be of interest for you to see what I will be taking with me.  There will be deep snow and the  temperatures I encounter could be anything from around zero degrees to minus fifty degrees.  At the time of righting this the temperature there is currently minus 16 degrees.

Firstly I have three grades of merino wool thermals which will be warn in combination, depending on temperature.  I will wear the light-weight set to travel and carry the medium grade in my hand luggage  (just in case my main bag gets lost)


Next I have six pairs of merino wool socks in two different grades of thickness and two pairs of the merino wool shoe liners I made.  I will be wearing one pair of socks and boot liners for travelling and carrying two pairs of socks in my hand luggage.


From the top left I have Swedish army worsted wool trousers (very very warm), next to them a pair of Fjallraven trousers which I will wear while travelling, below them my zoot suit and a set of braces.


I have a fur hat for travelling on a snow mobile, a wool hat for general use, a shemagh (which I will also use as my towel) and a wool neck tube.


From top left a Canadian military wool shirt, my Swanndri hooded bushshirt, below that my leather mittens, merino wool mittens and a pair of pilots gloves and finally my Swedish army winter parker with a coyote fur trim I have added around the hood.


Now for footwear; Top left my Canadian military Mukluks, next to them my walking boots which I shall travel in, and below the felted wool liners for my mukluks.



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