Winter kit part 2

With clothing listed in my  previous post now I will cover equipment.

From top left my log book, a silk liner ( I will not be taking a sleeping bag because I already have one there), wash kit, water bottle, mug and lid, thread for making nets and below that my bone netting gauge and needle (I have been asked to teach net making), my Gorilla Pod and camera, the kit I wear around my neck, sun glasses, Leatherman Wave, Opinal and firesteel, my knife, Gerber folding saw, then below my tinder pouch, a pouch containing spare batteries for my phone and camera, my sewing kit, lip balm and possibles pouch.


Again from top left fruit leather, hot chocolate, sharpening kit, parachute cord, below my flint steel firelighting kit, a reusable tea bag for natural teas, GPS, compass and maps.


Finally a cattail doll I have made as a gift, as is the whiskey, my Swedish dictionary and the most recent kuksa I have made.


Total kit weight 18.5kgs


8 thoughts on “Winter kit part 2

  1. Nice kit brother. I also like that pack, it is real close in size and function to my Mountainsmith. Do you have a Basha? I’m on Bushcraft USA a lot, and I have a guy trying to get me one. Ever used one?

    • Hi mate. Good to see you here ;>)

      I use a Hennessy hex-fly myself but I do have a British Army basher that I use sometimes.

  2. Hi Kevin.. Good kit list there, but am wondering why you take an opinal as well as a leatherman..? I know you like to use a firesteel with your opinal, but will it not work on the spine of your fixed blade knife..?

    • That’s a good point Jon and I do not have a response as to why. Having hurt my back before I left I ended up removing some of the items from my kit to reduce the weight but still took both my leatherman and Opinal.

  3. Hi mate

    Just wondered what kind of bags you use to pack your winter kit in for travelling. Do you only take 1 bag eg a backpack + hand luggage or what?

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