Winter in Lapland 2009

My flight departed from Heathrow Terminal 5 at 07:15 and after a 5 hour wait at Stockholm Arlanda airport


I took the train to Stockholm Central Station and there transferred to a night train for my 15 hour journey to Gallivare in Swedish Lapland.  For the majority of my journey it was dark outside, but during the last couple of hours there was some light, and I saw a herd of 32 Reindeer close to the railway line.


I arrived at Gallivare station at 09:20 just as the sun was rising, where my friend Anki was waiting to greet me.  Anki explained that her husband Ingvar was working in the LKAB mine and would be home in the evening.  The main work within the mine takes place 1000m below ground and iron ore is the main mineral they are extracting.


After breakfast at her home, we sat and chatted about things that had happened in our lives since we last met in September.  It was also an opportunity for Anki to test me on how my Swedish had improved.  In the afternoon we took Anki’s  grandson to ski at the Dundret in Gallivare.


Ingvar arrived home late afternoon and we spent the evening chatting and improving on my Swedish.


3 thoughts on “Winter in Lapland 2009

  1. It was nice to read your blog and know the places you were talking about and see the photos. Looking forward to the next installment!

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