Winter in Lapland 2009 – 2

I was greeted by the sight of a new bird species in the garden on Monday morning.  There were many Mealy Redpolls feeding at the bird house


and two of these were Artic Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanni).

After breakfast we were sitting in the living room chatting about fire and tinders and Anki showed me this wall decoration incorporating a False Tinder Fungus (Fomes fomentarius).


Ingvar has many fishing nets and some in need of repair so I took my netting needle and gauge with me to show him how to make and repair nets.  He picked it up very quickly and I was soon surplus to requirement.


In the afternoon myself and Ingvar went for a walk in the forest (skogen in Swedish) using the snowmobile trails as the snow is compressed and easier to walk on.


Ingvar was teaching me some of the animal tracks and signs in the snow, and then we walked along a road


to see  the Gallivare Ski jump where several well known jumpers have trained, including Anki’s brother.



7 thoughts on “Winter in Lapland 2009 – 2

    • It has been the last couple of times but I have just booked my next trip and the plane was cheaper. Can you remind me of the address for Jane’s blog to add to my Blog Roll.

  1. Ooooh, I’ve copied that birdhouse photo & stashed it away, hope you don’t mind – I love it!

    Jonny, can you build me one like that pleeeeease?!

    I made it on your blogroll Kevin? I am honoured ;o) Thankyou!

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