Winter in Lapland 2009 – 4

I was up at first light (just after 7am) and went walking in the forest.  I decided to walk along the scooter trail to Kiruna.  My first encounter of the day was 2 Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrix) jumping around halfway up in some Spruce.  Next I found fresh track of Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus)


and some droppings


but I did not see a hare.

The trail crosses a river and in the picture below I am standing on the river to take the picture


Crossing the river and heading into the forest I found evidence of where a group od Reindeer had been feeding.  In this picture you can see some droppings in the bottom left of the picture.


The Reindeer will bury down into the snow with there heads and plough through it to reach vegetation on the ground and often all you see is a series of backsides sticking in the air.  This can leave hollows in the snow and you can see one of those to the right of this picture


As the sun rose there was beautiful red sky which this picture doesn’t really do justice to unfortunately


Personally I felt I wasn’t taking a great deal with me when out walking


but each time I walked out of the house Ingvar would give me questioning glance of  “why are you carrying so much for a walk in the forest?”

As I walked back across the river the sight of sunlight on the hill stood out against the duller surroundings


After returning home I was asked if I would like to visit the Ice Hotel at Jukkasjavi (Javi meaning lake), but more about that next time.


4 thoughts on “Winter in Lapland 2009 – 4

  1. Wow. Extraordinary. Beautiful. Once again I am enjoying these dispatches from Swedish Lapland. Once again you make me want to visit there. Thank you.

  2. I appreciate that photos do not do justice to what you saw, but there are some stunning photos there Kevin..

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