Winter in Lapland 2009 – 7

I headed off into the forest again along a scooter trail.  The temperature was -16 degrees.


It was rather cloudy and the sun soon set but there were still some nice views.



The trees are mainly Pine (Tall in Swedish), Spruce (Gran) and Birch (Björk).

Later in the afternoon I decided to stop for a brew.  I headed off the scooter trail into the forest in thigh deep snow, collecting the lower dead branches from the Spruce as I walked.


This seemed like a good location to stop with a stump to rest on/against and somewhere to keep my kit out of the snow.


I needed to dig down into the snow to make my fire directly on the ground, and lacking a shovel I used my Crusader cup

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Diggingwithcup.flv video by sufguy1 -…“, posted with vodpod

I used some Birch bark in the Spruce branches and my firesteel to get the fire going.  The resin in the dead branches makes them burn well.


I melted a small amount of snow in my cup and then continued to add snow to the water to melt it.


Once I had a cup full of water I put the cup lid on and waited for the water to boil.


While sitting enjoying a hot cup of chocolate I had the idea to carry my Crusader cup in my soft leather possibles pouch but unfortunately it wouldn’t quite fit in so I decided to make a larger pouch once I got back to England…but more about that soon!

As I headed back it was almost dark and so peaceful.



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