Winter in Lapland 2009 – 8

I travelled to Jokkmokk for the marknad today.


This market has been held annually for over 400 years now.

I was last in Jokkmokk for the marknad in January 2007.  You can buy so many things here, from smoked fish and meats


to skins and clothing made from skins


and animals still wearing there skins


This of course is a European Brown Bear (Björn in Swedish).

For one hour each afternoon you can watch Reindeer racing. Here are some of the Reindeer ready for racing


and these are the sledges pulled by them


Those racing with the Reindeer seem to be tourists who are staying in Jokkmokk for the marknad.


Here is a piece of video of the racing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I had travelled to Jokkmokk with a list of items to buy both for me and people back in Englandand with some items still missing from my list, I decided I would return the following day.


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