Crusader mug possibles pouch

As I mentioned here

I had the idea to carry my Crusader mug in  my possibles pouch (the one you can see on my belt in the picture below) but unfortunately the pouch was a little too small.


So on my return from Sweden I decided to make a new pouch using one of many leather off-cuts given to my by a friend.   You can also see my original pouch in the picture below.


I began by drawing around the shape of the mug to get the dimensions right for the piece of leather.  Then I marked out the leather and cut out the basic shape with my knife.


With an awl I marked stitching holes around the leather, about 5mm in from the edge and used 1mm leather thong/thread to stitch it together.


Once the stitching was completed I turned the pouch inside out so that the stitching was inside and then tested to see the mug would fit ok.


I attached a Roe Deer antler button to the front of the pouch and cut a slit in the top so that the pouch can be securely closed.


I cut two 20mm strips of leather and threaded through slits in the back of the pouch and stitched them to form two belt loops.


And the pouch was completed.  It holds all the items from my previous pouch plus some tea bags, a small pot of coffee and a packet of hot chocolate, so I can brew up at any time.


What items would you carry in your Crusader mug?


2 thoughts on “Crusader mug possibles pouch

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