A fenman and a fish trap 2

Using a circular chopping board with 28 holes drilled in it as a gauge, we started making a trap.  Inserting a willow wand into each of the 28 holes (the warps).


We used thin flexible wands to weave around the top of the trap (end nearest the board) until we had weaved around the diameter of the trap twice, adding in new wands as the previous became too thin or short.


A single weave was added about 15cm above this


and another 15cm above that.  This time the weave had to be a little tighter which caused the trap to start curving into a cone shape.


Three more wefts were added, each tighter than the previous (as you can see above) and then the ends were all lashed together.


This part of the trap was then removed from the gauge and using the same 28 holes we made the funnel or “chair”.


Once completed, the funnel was inserted into the trap so that the 28 warps  of the funnel laid between the 28 warps of the trap.


Both were then woven together.


Here is the completed trap.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The trap has to dry for two weeks now and then I will soak it and test it out.


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