New knife

In 2006 I bought a knife blade from Leifs knifes while in Jokkokk, Lapland and used it to make this knife.


As it is such a good blade I bought more while in Jokkmokk at the beginning of February.  Some of the blades I am selling but one particular blade I decided to use to make a knife.

Having aquired a piece of water buffalo horn, I wanted to incorporate this into the handle.  I also had some Birch bur to use and I purchased some bone spacers.  Between each of the handle components I placed a piece of Birch bark.  When making previous knife handles I have glued the components together  but with this knife I decided not to use any glue.  Instead I made each component fit exactly and then riveted  over the end of the tang to keep them in place.

Here I am shaping the knife handle


I had also been given I really nice Red Deer antler tine (thanks John & Val) which I wanted to use as a sheath for the knife.  I began by cutting the antler in half to enable me to hollow it out for the knife blade to fit inside.  In this picture I am cutting the antler in half


Here is the completed knife handle with the blade fitted into the antler


I sanded to outside of the antler and filed two grooves around the outside, into which half tanned Reindeer sheath leather would be moulded to secure it in place.


Here is the completed knife and sheath


I only used non electrical hand tools and so it took me a day to hollow out the antler to the shape of the blade (I have viewed many examples of old Saami knives in museum collections and although these days electrical tools are used to make them, in the past only very basic tools were available to make items such as this one


and it is only through making your own, that you learn to really appreciate the work that went into these knives).


9 thoughts on “New knife

  1. The new knife looks stunning. The water buffalo horn makes a great contrast with the bone and wood. Any problems with the horn splitting?

    • Why than you sir! No problems so far and it has had a thorough and rigorous testing while I have been away this weekend. The top part of the handle did become a little lose but I have resolved that now.

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  3. i have a saami knife that is very simular

    2 part sheath w/ caribou etching.

    send me a PM and ill send pics for you to post of it.

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