Gorilla Pod-2

You may recall that in October last year I purchased a Gorilla Pod made by Joby to help with taking photographs for my tutorials.


I have been so impressed with it that I recently purchased the SLR model to use with my telescope while birdwatching in Lapland.


What’s even better about the Gorilla Pod is the fantastic customer service provided by Joby!!

Recently I noticed my original pod had a loose joint in one leg and as a result would keep collapsing when I used it as a tripod.  On closer inspection I discovered that the socket of the joint was cracked.


I contacted Joby customer service in Santa Cruz explaining the problem and included the above photograph.  With 30 minutes I received a response apologising for the problem and asking for my address to enable them to dispatch a new Gorilla Pod immediately!!  My replacement arrived on Friday.

Many thanks to Joby another company I highly recommend.


3 thoughts on “Gorilla Pod-2

  1. Thank you for this – I have read about the ‘pod but have been wary until now
    Have a nice one 🙂

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