Parachute Tipi

Thanks to Rich59 for his contributions and I look forward to receiving more in the future.

Inspired by Iowa Woodsman’s Parachute Tepee tutorial I have been experimenting with one of my ‘chutes.

I only had one 12ft pole available


so I decided to try replacing the other poles with parachute cord lines.  I tied twelve lines around the top of the pole, attached the top of the parachute to the pole and then secured the lines to pegs in the ground.


The ‘chute was folded in half and so I attached one end to one of the lines and then pulled the parachute around the pole over all the lines, securing loops at the base of the ‘chute to the line pegs.


Here you can see the entrance.  With two more poles an entrance and “smoke hole” could be create, as described by Iowa Woodsman.


Here you can see inside


The internal diameter is 3.4 metres and the double thickness of material improves its ability to shed water.

The parachute will fold down surprisingly small.



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