Livestock handling facility – part 1

Not all my work involves working with hand tools.  Recently I had to design and construct a livestock handling facility on a nature reserve.

I began by designing the facility on paper but as with so many things in life what worked on paper did not always work in reality, but all problems were resolved.  Here you can see my initial scaled design.


I chose an area of dry, flat ground on which to site the handling pen.


But before construction could start, I had to fell some trees and bushes.


Once the area was cleared


the ground was ready to be levelled and stumps removed.

I had hired a JCB digger and Steve the driver for 7 days to assist with this and other tasks during construction


and my colleague Mike would also be assisting with the work


The materials I had decided to use for construction were recycled telegraph posts and motorway crash barriers and once the site was cleared and levelled I began measuring and marking out on the ground where posts would need to go.

Initially we tried pushing the 13ft telegraph posts into the ground but the chalk rock a few feet down prevented us getting the posts in as deep as we required.


So we changed to attachment on the front of the machine to an auger and drilled holes into the ground before pushing the posts in.



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