Cup, bowl, plate and spoon

During the process of constructing the livestock handling facility I had to fell some trees, including this Birch


Using wood from this particular tree I have been busy carving


Notice in the picture above that I use my axe as a “bench stop” to carve against and I have a piece of Hawthorn as a mallet.

I have made a cup, bowl, plate and spoon.  The plate and bowl are inspired by a piece of work made by my friend Sue Holden.


As I carved the handle of the cup I found a fault in the wood making it impossible to have a usable wooden handle.  So using a lap joint I secured a piece of bone as the handle.




13 thoughts on “Cup, bowl, plate and spoon

  1. Wow – that bowl is incredible. How did you adhere the bone to the wood in the lap joint?
    Love the plate too…

  2. Interesting post Kevin – I love to use Birch but it don’t often come my way!
    I put a link on the Bodger’s website being as a lot of them are keen spoonmakers

    • Thanks. Robin. The bowl and cup were inspired by something Sue made. I will not make it to the Bodgers Ball this unfortunately.

  3. Those are awsome, this stuff interests me so much but I don’t know where to start, it is also hard because i live in the suburbs, but I can’t wait to leave to the country. Good job.

    Can they be used without being cured or anything?

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