Starting a rib basket for Mungo

So to answer Mungo’s question in my previous post…..

Take the basket rim


and the central rib (if you wish to make a basket with a handle this would be another Willow hoop) and using a cross lashing secure the two together


Now take another wand and weave in a figure of eight over the rim from front to back


across the front of the rib


and then behind the rim


and over the top and this time go behind the rib


and over the rim from the front


and then across the front of the rib


After you have done this a few times two holes (top and bottom of the figure of eight)  will have been created looking like this from the side view


and into each of these you push the end of another rib


At this stage you should then have five ribs.  Now continue weaving between them all a few times and with the resulting holes created between each rib you push in another six ribs, giving you eleven in total and this is what you will have


Hope that answers your question :>)


6 thoughts on “Starting a rib basket for Mungo

  1. It certainly does answer my question! :>)

    Wow! I have read probably over 30 articles on basket making, and never yet seen a tutorial or set of pictures that adequately describes what you have shown! Thanks a lot for this, brilliant. I will make a basket this summer and let you know the results.



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