Multi purpose backpack

Having made a bucksaw in my previous post I had the idea to use the frame for making a backpack.

For this I inverted the saw blade and put on the blade cover


I have a Reindeer skin that I sleep on and by cutting some small slots down the edges of the skin I can thread Hazel wands through


to form a bag

Lacking rawhide I used parachute cord for lashing.  Firstly lashing the skin to the frame


and across the front of the skin


The top of the skin acts as the pack lid


and with a couple of carrying straps attached the pack is complete


Now to be honest this needs a bit more work to really be usable but I have posted about it to hopefully inspire others to develop the idea.  After all, in addition to a backpack you have;

by withdrawing the Hazel wands, a skin to sit and sleep on


and by removing the blade guard and flipping the blade over, a bucksaw



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