Leather pouches

Having made my Crusader mug possibles pouch I have now made a set of smaller belt pouches for a variety of items.  The pouches are very basic.  Nothing fancy, just plain soft leather with a leather loop to attach them to my belt and I have cut disks of Roe Deer antler to use a buttons.

Here are some examples;


From left to right:

  • for my folding cup, firesteel and dental floss (the floss has so many uses).
  • my folding knife
  • my sharpening kit
  • and spare batteries for my camera

My sharpening kit is a piece of board with leather coated with Autosol (a mild abrasive paste) stuck on one side


and a piece of rubber mouse mat on the other


The none slip rubber helps to grip different grades of sandpaper and wet and dry which I use to sharpen my blades.



One thought on “Leather pouches

  1. hey we have something in common,im doing leathercrafts now and then.i never have studied it officially but my dad was a shoemaker and did a lot of leather stuff and i learned the basics from him.Eka super swede,folding kuksa,3/8″ firesteel,got those tooo and i find em very useful.Hey check out my last nights leathersheath if you like,it ook some few hrs to make,its nothing to put in the market but might be good to go,in my own use.

    If you have some possibles pouch to sell or trade into something,let me know,i could use some pouch that takes in kuksa like that,firesteel,compass etc,small necessities.

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