Special Forces self sealing basha

I was recently given a British army desert pattern basha to test,


but this is no ordinary basha.  Issued to special forces, it is made with a special material which appears like any other basha material until the material is pierced or punctured by something sharp (in this case a pen)


and here is the resulting hole


Now you take the material between thumb and forefinger, rubbing from both sides.


Due to the unique design of the material, as you manipulate it and create heat as you rub, the material “heals” itself


I am told you can cause significantly more severe damage and it will repair but as it was only on loan I did not have the confidence to do so!!

Be warned that these basha’s are pretty much identical to standard basha’a and even have the same contract number on the label so don’t go piercing your basha assuming you have one of these!!

If anyone knows more about this material I would appreciate any information.


2 thoughts on “Special Forces self sealing basha

  1. I believe it’s some sort of silicon mixed in to the fabric.
    Vaude tents incorporate it into their flysheets.
    Check out 2:31 into this video http://youtu.be/kTnqBCQI1h4 and he pierces the flysheet with a pen, rubs it and it looks as good as new. Excellent stuff!

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