Burdock hanger

I saw one of these hanging hooks in a Blackhouse museum on the Isle of Lewis and thought it would be, equally, useful

in camp for keeping clothes or cooking equipment off the ground.


Burdock ‘skeletons’ are still evident right up to Spring but the hanger is best made in Autumn.



Find a good stout one, cut off at the base and trim the leaf stalks to roughly 3-4″. Completely remove the weaker stalks as you rise up the main stem.


You can either tie cordage around the top or,as I have done here, form a loop from the top growth by twisting the stem to loosen the fibres,bending it over to make an eye and binding with cordage.


It’s surprising how robust this hanger is!

Incidently, when ‘harvesting’ your burdock stem collect up all the burrs into a ball- they make an excellent scouring pad for cleaning pots. They hold together so well you can wash them out and reuse them again.


One thought on “Burdock hanger

  1. Just a side note…the burrs can be used as hair enhancers…just ask my 10 and 12 year old boys that thought it would be cool to put handfuls of these in their hair to make it stand up…BTW-they can be reomved with handfuls of conditioner. *smile*

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