Lapland Spring 2009 – 27th May

I woke up to very heavy rain this morning and it continued all day!!

I made pancakes for breakfast using de-hydrated egg and milk powder.  I have to say they were surprisingly good.

pancakes (Large)

Last autumn I found a nice Birch bur on a fallen tree and so I decided to start carving a kåsa from it

Kasa (Medium)

Lacking a vice I had to come up with innovative ways to secure the bur while cutting it

Kasa-2 (Medium)

Kasa-3 (Large)

I had begun roughing out the shape the previous evening

me carving (Medium)

and gradually it was starting to take shape

Kasa outside

I always shape the inside before working the shape of the outside

kasa inside (Large)

I had been told that the bur would cut like butter and be easy to carve but I found it incredibly hard work

Kasa-4 (Large)

I have a nice piece of Reindeer antler that I wanted to use as the handle

kasa with original handle (Medium)

and so I spent time shaping the antler with a piece of Granite to achieve a good joint

antler handle (Medium)

My evening meal was simple but still tasty and enjoyable. Dried sausage, onion and mushrooms fried with split peas beans and oats, with a little vegetable stock added.

basic meal (Medium)

After frying a little water is added and simmered for 20 minutes

basic meal completed (Large)

It has been very quiet for birds today due to the rain; I male Smew and 1 Whimbrel flew over calling


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