Lapland Spring 2009 – 28th May

Still raining and also a very strong westerly wind today.  The rain cleared in the evening and it became sunny but with wintry showers and a temperature of 3 degrees, so I had a fire going most of the day

fire in  cabin (Medium)

I spent the day carving and sanding the kåsa and also began making a smaller one from an off-cut of the bur.

cutting second kasa (Large)

I had purchased a nice Birch tanned Reindeer hide a few months ago and decided to cut out some pieces to make pouches for coffee, flour and so on.

birch tanned reindeer leather (Medium)

I cut two pieces; a round piece for the base and rectangular piece long enough to go around the circumference of base

cut pieces of leather (Large)

I intended to use a bone awl and antler needle I had made, with dental floss as thread

bone and antler tools (Medium)

but it was not before I had broken the needle and then the awl, so I changed to a nail as a an awl and the needle I carry in my neck pouch as mentioned here.

metal tools (Medium)

Dental floss is a very good substitute for real sinew as a sewing thread and I use both sinew and dental floss double thickness.  I sew around the base first and then up the side with the leather inside

sewing (Medium)

Once sewing is completed I turn the pouch the right way out, make a series of holes around the top and thread through a leather cord with which to close the bag

bag tie (Medium)

For a toggle for the draw cord  I  cut a triangular piece of leather, role it up and make a hole through it, pulling the tip of the leather through the hole to prevent the leather unrolling.  I make two holes in the rolled up toggle and thread the ends of the cord through.  To close the bag you pull the toggle and it locks the bag closed.

toggle (Medium)

Then the bag is completed.

coffee bag


3 thoughts on “Lapland Spring 2009 – 28th May

  1. Hi Kev..
    Just to say, I am enjoying reading about your exploits. Do you have a laptop with an internet connection out there..? How are you getting all this up on here..? How are you keeping it charged up and all that..? Hope the weather improves for you mate. Its bloody hot here at the mo.. Am having to drink loads of cider to stay hydrated.. ;0)
    How long are you out there for..? Stay safe mate, and no jumping in the lake where the old pontoon was, eh…

    • I’m not in Lapland Jon!!!!! As you know I have no electricity. I keep a written daily diary and then write that up when I get home, every two or three days.

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