Lapland Spring 2009 – 29th May

I began the day by washing some clothes

washing clothes (Medium)

and just like in the UK……shortly after it started raining!!

Raining (Small)

By late morning the rain had cleared and using my carving axe I continued to shape the second kåsa.

axing kasa shape

I had been given a Bug Band, designed to repel biting insects such as mosquitoes without the use of deet to test during my trip.

insect repellar (Medium)

Up to now there had been few mosquitoes but after the rain there were several around so while sitting outside carving I thought I would test it out.  Unfortunately as you can see in the picture below it was not very effective as there is a mosquito biting my knee!

mosquito repellar (Medium)

Two years ago my friend Jon was staying at the cabin, helping with repair work.  One of the tasks was to repair a leak around the chimney using Flash Band flashing which I had brought with me from England.  Flashing around a chimney prevents rain water running down the chimney brickwork into the cabin, and instead diverts it onto the roof.  Unfortunately the Flash Band was not designed for the extreme temperatures of Lapland and the water was getting in again.

Ingvar was keen to get the leak repaired and so had purchased the required materials (capable of withstanding extreme temperatures) and arrived to help repair the chimney.

Ingvar repairing chimney

Very quiet for birds today.  This Great-spotted Woodpecker was one of the few birds I saw around the cabin

Great spot (Medium)

So I headed over to the marsh for the evening

marsh again (Medium)

As I walked on the marsh I was struck by how much greener it was now looking.  Species such as this Cotton Grass were now growing and adding colour to the marsh

Cotton grass (Small)

Bird species on the marsh included displaying Spotted Redshank, Greenshank, Wood Sandpiper, lekking Ruff and Lapwing.  The Common Crane was busy feeding and had started to construct a nest.


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