Lapland Spring 2009 – 31st May

3 Waxwings around the cabin all day.  A pair of Fieldfares have also appeared.  They always next in areas inhabited by people yet they seem to really dislike people; flying towards them giving their harsh rattling call and then crapping on them if their aim is good!!

Ingvar came to help finish repairs to my chimney.

repaired chimney (Medium)

We spent some time splitting logs and talking about different splitting techniques and the safe use of an axe

Ingvar splitting logs (Small)

I finished sanding the two kåsa’s I have been making, and decided to glue on the Reindeer antler handle to opposite way up to what I had originally intended to act as a stand for the cup.

Reindeer antler kasa

Here is a view from another angle

Reindeer antler kasa-2

I used Cascol PVA glue to stick the horn to the wood.  Both surfaces have to be wetted before applying this glue.  Cascol is traditionally used locally for glueing knife handles and other craft items.

Cascol glue

This is Teres’ kåsa for her birthday

Teres kasa

It took a lot of work to reduce the wood in the handle so that the cup sits flat and does not tip back

Teres kasa-2

I walked to the marsh later where there were 16 Spotted Redshank, 3 Greenshank, 12 Wood Sandpiper and a small Dunlin sized wader with a distinctive call that I could not identify.

I spent the evening splitting and stacking more logs.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Lapland Spring 2009 – 31st May

    • A Bitumen type paint was applied to the brickwork and after it had dried a foil adhesive tape was put on. Not sure who makes it but it’s good to -50 degrees.

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