Lapland Spring 2009 -2nd June Part 1

Now for me this is what it’s all about.  Using the items you have available, together with natural materials around you to achieve your goal (thinking outside the box is always a useful skill).  So often I hear asked “what’s the most important item in bushcraft”…….a knife, an axe, a cooking pot? Well for me it’s my brain.  It allows me to adapt what I have available  to create what I need or must do and I always enjoy the challenge.

Yesterday while out in my boat I noticed this Birch hung-up in a Pine tree, which will provide a decent amount of wood for my stove

hung up birch (Small)

I decided to take an axe, a bow saw and some rope in the boat with me and I cut a lever pole.

items carried (Small)

My first task was to use my axe to severe the trunk from the stump.  Initially my idea was to cut a piece of rope and tie into a loop, thread one end of the through the other, place the lever pole through this loop and then as I pushed the lever down the rope tightens, gripping around the tree, allowing me to roll the trunk out of the Pine tree.

levering the trunk (Small)

Unfortunately the Birch trunk was wedged between two branches in the Pine and I could not lever it out.  I experimented with “flip-flop” and “Finnish” winches to pull the trunk to get it out of the Pine but the trunk would not move.

winch (Small)

I cut a longer leaver pole to enable me to apply more leverage

longer pole (Small)

I placed the thick end of the pole under the trunk as shown below, pushing the end of the pole in the ground.  The with a lifting and forward motion of the lever I began to gradually move the trunk away.

levering trunk (Small)

After moving the trunk about three feet I used the longer pole to roll the trunk and this time the top rolled out of the Pine and fell to the ground!  Now it all sounds quite simple when you write about it but it took far longer and was a lot more work than you might think.

tree down (Small)

Using the axe I removed all the branches from the trunk

branches removed (Small)

I cut the trunk into sections with the intention of floating them across the lake behind my boat.

logging the trunk (Small)

When the trunk pinched the bow saw blade I used a lever to stand on to open up the cut

levering logs (Small)

It started to rain so I set up a piece of water proof material I carry, as a shelter

shelter (Small)

made fire and cooked some food

cooking (Small)

and made a brew

me having coffee (Medium)


One thought on “Lapland Spring 2009 -2nd June Part 1

  1. Hi,

    When I make my box with birch bark, I always use old dead tree on the ground. When it rain, it’s better to take of bark, but it’s difficulte to find a dead trunk old enough to take of bark easy. Somtime I find it.


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