Lapland Spring 2009 – 2nd June Part 2

Having cut the trunk into sections with the intention of floating them across the lake behind my boat I was concerned that lifting them out of the water and carrying them up the slope to the cabin would not be so easy, so while drinking my coffee I came up with a plan of action.

Firstly I cut a “V” into the Birch tree stump and then cut the long lever pole into three sections, lashed them together and incorporating the tree stump, made a simple saw-horse.

sawhorse-1 (Small)

Placing a length of trunk on the saw-horse

sawhorse-2 (Small)

I could then saw it into logs

sawhorse-3 (Small)

ready to load into the boat

sawhorse-4 (Small)

I rowed them across the lake back to the cabin in two loads

wood in boat (Medium)

This took most of the day, but by late afternoon all the logs were back at the cabin

logs at cabin (Small)

Some logs had sections of bark that I can use for projects to I cut the bark

cutting bark (Medium)

removed it and stored it for future projects

removing bark (Medium)

Nothing different in the way of birds and wildlife today.


7 thoughts on “Lapland Spring 2009 – 2nd June Part 2

  1. Hi Kev.

    What method do you use to store your birch bark?

    As mentioned, great idea with the saw horse!



    • I store it flat between two pieces of board. otherwise it curls up and even after soaking in water it’s still more difficult to work.

  2. Great ideas. I especially like using downed timber for firewood. Especially birch as it rots so quick on the ground, but is an excellent firewood. Kudos given for the use of the bark too. You might also get some nice clean pieces to carve, make tool handles etc…. Have a great day ! Charlie.

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