Lapland Spring 2009 – 3rd June

Sunny and 19 degrees first thing this morning.

I made some traditional Lapland bread called pinn bröd using the simple recipe  (more about that soon) that Anki had shown me.

making Lapland bread (Large)

Lacking a rolling pin to roll them out I improvised with a candle which worked just fine

rolling bread (Medium)

I cooked them on top of the stove for less than a minute and they were done to perfection

pinn bread (Large)

I decided to take the video camera and head out to one of my favourite spots again…..the shooting tower.

After 10 minutes sitting in the tower a Black Woodpecker appeared moving from tree stump to tree stump looking for insects and I managed to get some nice film.  Next a female Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus ) called and landed close to the tower, feeding on insects on the ground.  A Kestrel (a new species for my list) was perched on the top of a dead tree and from an area of forest in front of me a pair of Golden Eagles appeared, circling around to gradually gain height before heading off south (again I managed to get them on video).  Very quickly a strong north easterly wind began to blow and it became very cold.  From the mountains came dark clouds and within the space of a few minutes heavy rain began to fall, the wind became really strong and eventually the rain turned to snow and then to large pieces of hail.  I had no water proofs so just wrapped myself in a piece of material and tried to keep as dry as possible.

tower (Medium)

The storm lasted for about an hour and during that time the temperature dropped to at or below freezing.  Fortunately I had some wool clothing with me and although I was wet, the wool kept me warm.

As the storm eased I decided to make a break for it and head back to the cabin

cabin across lake (Medium)

I was only about 20 metres from the cabin when another storm hit.  Strong wind and very heavy rain again.

rain on window (Large)

By late afternoon I had to light candles to be able to see to work in the cabin


By late evening the storms had passed so I walked over to the marsh.  Bird activity had reduced but the marsh looks much more colourful than two weeks ago.

marsh in june (Small)

Bog Rosemary, Cloudberry, Sphagnum mosses, Cotton Grass and Dwarf Birch adding to the colour

colours of marsh (Small)

The Common Crane has a nest with three eggs.  The Dunlin sized birds I have been seeing and hearing flying over the cabin are a pair of Broad-billed Sandpipers (Limicola falcinellus )which were clearly not happy with me being there and I suspect have a nest.


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