Making pinn bröd

There are four basic ingredients in Pinn bröd; flour, salt, baking powder and honey.  I like to add some curry powder for added flavour

Pinn bread-1 (Large)

To each cup of flour I add a pinch of salt and baking powder and some honey to taste.  The honey not only gives taste but helps to preserve the bread, keep it supple and prevent it drying out and cracking while cooking.

Pinn bread-2

Mix the ingredients and add water until you achieve a ball of dough

pinn bread-3 (Large)

Divide the dough into pieces and roll out .  I  roll them very thinly and use as a wrap.

pinn bread-4 (Large)

They need to be cooked for about 20 – 30 seconds on each side and there are a variety of ways of doing this.  On the hob of a woodburning stove

pinn bread (Large)

in a dry frying pan over a fire or on an electric hob

pinn bread-5

or in this case on top of my woodburner

pinn bread-6 (Large)

I use a gauze (used to stop fat spitting from a frying pan) to provide an even heat.

And this is the end result with fried sausage, onion, leek, mushroom and dried tomatoes

pinn bread-7 (Large)

Four days is the longest they have lasted so far but that’s because I eat them before the 5th day ;>)


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