Crusader cup cooking stand

An idea I worked at developing in Lapland was a cooking stand for my Crusader cup.  It needed to be a simple design and quick to construct from natural materials.  This was my simplest design but works very well.

I cut a piece of Hazel with a branch coming from it, pointed the bottom of the Hazel to push it in the ground and cut the branch down to a short stub.

crusader stand-1 (Small)

I had to reduce the thickness of the stem (the exact shape of this turned out to be quite important, but more about that later)

crusader stand-2 (Small)

so that it fits between the gap in the cup handles as you can see here.

crusader stand-3 (Small)

and the base of the cup sits on the branch stub

crusader stand-4 (Small)

Here are I am cooking with Sterno gel (does anyone else find this this stuff will not bring water to the boil?)

crusader stand-5 (Small)

and here I have a small fire

crusader stand-6 (Small)

Now when cooking for a longer period of time the stub can burn through, but during the making of this tutorial I discovered that if you shape the stem like this

crusader stand-2 (Small)

the bottom of the cup handle sits on the wider base of the stem and removes the need for the branch stub.  So this is my improved design

crusader stand-8 (Small)

I used it today while at our green woodworking group meeting.  I set it up and gathered some embers from the main fire to make a brew

D (Large)

and later used a slightly different designto cook my lunch

A (Large)

Thanks to Edd for these pictures

Why not experiment with my design yourself!


5 thoughts on “Crusader cup cooking stand

  1. hello fendlander

    just wondered roughly how long it took to boil water using bits of wood, also where did you get your pot lid



  2. A ‘eureka’ moment! Simple and sturdy,nothing else to carry to support the cup and quick to knock up.Brilliant.Sometimes we are too fixated with technological fixes and gadgets to see clearly. Less is more!

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