Crusader cup cooking stand update

I have been experimenting and adapting the design of the cup stand over the last couple of days but as Boomer said in his comment “the simplest ones are often the best” and I have decided to stop and just keep it simple, but thought I would show you where I progressed to.

This design fits snugly between the gap in the cup handles and is notched in the front to allow the height of the cup to be adjusted over the fire for boiling and simmering
crusader stand-9 (Medium)

The front of the handle just sites in the groove as you can see here

crusader stand-10 (Small)

The problem with this design is that because the stand fits snugly, when you grip the handles to remove the cup from the stand, they compress on the stand and prevent you lifting the cup away!  So I shall stick with my basic design.


3 thoughts on “Crusader cup cooking stand update

  1. Where did you get that metal cover for the Crusader Cup?

    Do you make them? If so what would you charge to make me one?

  2. If you have the contact info for the person you purchased the cup cover from I would appreciate having it. I’d love to get a metal cover for my cup.

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