Woodburner surprise

The other evening I noticed that the glass in my woodburner stove was very dirty and having been told that the white ash is good for cleaning the glass, I thought I would give it a try.  I wetted a piece of cloth, applied some ash and began cleaning the glass.  While holding the door as I cleaned I felt something brush against my hand. As I pulled my hand away from the door…..this fell onto the hearth!!!

pipistrelle bat-1

It’s a Pipistrelle bat.

I can only assume that it decided to roost in the flue

bat in stove-3

and had then dropped down and eventually crawled in to the stove.  I had not used the stove for about three weeks, but the bat could not have been there more than a couple of days  because it would have very quickly died of thirst.

It was not very lively, but I put some water on my finger and it lapped it with its tongue and for about 15 minutes it remained motionless.

pipistrelle bat-2

Then it started to look around and crawled around on my hand and finally launched itself off and flew into some trees.



One thought on “Woodburner surprise

  1. Lucky bat.

    One thing though, bats can carry rabies, even in Britain, so if you find any more,gloves would be a good idea..

    Great blog.

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