Cooking Roe Deer in the ground – Part 2

Nettles were added until a thick layer covered the embers

cooking roe deer-8 (Medium)

Then the meat was placed on to the nettles

cooking roe deer-9 (Small)

Another thick layer of nettles was placed on the meat and then a fire built on top

cooking roe deer-10 (Small)

After four and a half hours the fire had burnt down to embers and ash

cooking roe deer-11 (Small)

and so I decided to scrape away the top layer of ash and remaining nettles to remove the meat

cooking roe deer-12 (Medium)

Now I like my meat pink and a little bloody but for some it was not cooked enough and to be honest I think I should have cooked it for another hour

cooking roe deer-13 (Small)

but for those who liked their meat cooked more we put a leg in the oven to finish it.

It’s such a simple cooking method with no need to find suitable rocks to heat and I will certainly be doing it again.  And everyone was happy with the end result!

cooking roe deer-14 (Medium)


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