Fruit leather

I found a large number of Crab Apples on the ground and decided to try and make use of them.

fruit leather-1 (Small)

I placed them in boiling water for five minutes and then pushed them through a fine sieve to remove the peel and pips.  Then I did the same with some Blackberries but boiled them for a little longer.  I mixed the two together with a little honey and spread the mix about 1cm thick on grease-proof paper in a shallow baking tray.

I placed the baking tray on an oven shelf on top of my woodburning stove and placed a roasting tin on top to trap the heat while allowing air to circulate.

fruit leather.2 (Medium)

I only put a small amount of wood in the woodburner and left it to burn for 10 hours.

The fruit had reduced in size and thickness and was dry to touch but not brittle (it could be rolled up).

I cut it into strips to carry with me and it should last for several months in a cool dry place.

fruit leather.3 (Small)


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