Birding and bushcraft

Last Friday I headed off to the British Birdwatching Fair which is a three day event held annually at Rutland Water Nature Reserve.

british bird fair (Large)

I was there to make contact with nature tourism companies who are, or who are considering running tours in Northern Sweden.

After a day at the bird fair I travelled down to Danemead Scout Campsite to spend a couple of days with my friend Stuart, relaxing in the woods. The dappled sunlight through the trees provided us with some beautiful views in the early morning.

danemead 22-8 6 (Small)

I spent some time teaching Stuart methods of firelighting without matches and some tinders to use and he helped me refresh my navigation skills, but most of our time was spent around the fire

danemead 22-8 1 (Small)

chatting, drinking and eating.  Here I am making sausage stew

danemead 22-8 2 (Small)

The handles of the crusader cup can get hot when the cup is being used in a large fire so I worked on developing a simple tool for removing the cup when the handle is hot. I cut a piece of Hazel with a branch stub at one end. I thinned down the Hazel at this point

danemead 22-8 3 (Medium)

to fit between the gap in the handles and the branch stub hooks below the handle as you can see below

danemead 22-8 4 (Medium)

You can place the cup in position and then unhook and remove the handle until you want to remove it from the fire

danemead 22-8 5 (Small)


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